Monday, 27 August 2012

A Seed is a Promise

A Seed is a Promise by Claire Merrill
Pebbles and Pods by Goldie Taub Chernoff
What with collecting and looking at a lot of pods and seeds lately, these two books from my childhood have been on my mind. Does anyone else remember them? Thanks to the internet I even found images of the covers from back then (about the early seventies?). I'm not sure exactly why these two left such a lasting impression, but I do think they helped ignite an interest in little natural things. It makes me think about the influence we have as parents in ensuring the natural world is seen as important and valuable by the next technology-cacooned generation.


  1. I just found a copy of A Seed Is a Promise at my local thrift store. It is gorgeous and so beautifully written! Also wonderfully educational. I Googled hoping to find more written by Claire Merrill. Not much luck there, but the illustrator Susan Swan has a body of work to peruse. She sells prints on Zazzle I think.

    1. That's amazing Katie! Paper Swans and Rocks and Paper Swans - gorgeous boho jewellery on Etsy. What a clever and prolific artist. Thank you for that!