Monday, 20 August 2012

Spiky Pod

How scary-looking is this seed pod? It's got 2 spiky fangs and is really chunky protection for the daintiest little winged seed. I wonder why this plant goes to such lengths to protect it's seeds?

Apparently it's a Hakea Sericea. I have 2 other types of pods here we've collected from the local area which are also kinds of Hakea, but quite different-looking, so it might be nice to group them for a botanical type painting. 

The ants seem to like it, there were a lot of them wandering around my table while I was drawing.


  1. Hi there Lisa... how I loved those hakea pods! now back in the Uk I am unlikely to see any more! You sketches are very beautiful. You have a lovely delicate touch I also wish we had firetails.. I can see I must get round to a visit to Aus! Good luck with the blog and the drawings .. Val

    1. Thanks Val, your bee illustrations are incredible, and all the photos and observations. I had no idea there are so many difference types of bee! Next time you're over this way be sure to pop in for a cup of tea. xo