Sunday, 23 September 2012

Busy Spring!

Set of 3 birds - each A5 size - commission

Set of 3 tulips - each A4 size - commission
Spotted Pardalote
Just some progress pictures. I've completed a commission and have it ready to post off today, each piece in it's own neat celophane bag. I think they look much nicer in real life than on the scans. The birds are on medium surface Arches paper, which has a slight roughness to it, while the tulips are on smooth (hot pressed) Arches paper, which is velvety flat and gives quite a different finish.

A spotted pardalote, this one on the smooth. I have to stop myself getting too detailed on the smooth paper, with a tiny brush it's possible to paint each feather fibre. I try to keep the birds a little loose and focus on the main features.

News on the honeyeater nest - we checked it a couple of days ago and it was empty. We hope the babies were big enough to move somewhere safer, but more than likely they've been taken by a bigger bird or some other predator. A little bit sad.

While I was away in Sydney on the weekend, Andy spotted two new birds, a scarlet honeyeater which is smaller even than the spinebills, and a golden whistler I think it was, yellow with a black hood. 

It seems certain now that I'll have a stand at the pilot Shoalhaven Artisans Market next month, so the next few weeks will be all about preparing for that, mounting watercolours and working out how to display them. 

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