Sunday, 9 September 2012


Imagination watercolour 21 x 21 cm
A submission for Illustration Friday with the theme 'Imagination', has ideas flitting about like Spinebills...


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    1. Thanks Ivana, your illustrations are so elegant and beautiful, lovely feminine figures and sweet forest creatures. xo

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    1. Thanks Tony! I was interested in your post regarding copyright. I was reading Sarah's blog and she has a similar story. I think it's good to post publicly about it, it's just too easy to steal other people's work on the net.

  3. Happy to have found your beautiful work through IF. Lovely image!

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'm happy to have found yours! You have a gift for capturing the beautiful details of nature, and finding beauty in the everyday. We also have 2 chickens who we call 'the girls'. I've not kept chickens before and I'm surprised how sweet they are, very charming members of the family.