Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I was very honoured to be invited to a link by the Shoalhaven Visitor's Centre, and asked to write an "about" statement, an interesting process with this project still so new. So here it is, as things stand, right now:

Pebbles and Pods - art and craft items celebrating the natural environment of Jervis Bay in all its little details.

Delicate little watercolour paintings of local bird species, native plant details, shells, feathers and pebbles, reflect a love of nature and encourage observation of the beautiful natural world around us. Alongside are crafted items like hand-cut paper cards and artworks, bird-themed mobiles and sun-catchers, elegant and hand-made.

Pebbles and Pods is the project of Graphic Designer/Illustrator Lisa Friebel who lives in the Shoalhaven with her partner – an environmentalist and keen bird-watcher, and her two children.

Her goal is to create relevant, reasonably priced, locally-made gifts that celebrate the true beauty and delicate nature of our environment and allow us to bring it indoors, to the city, or wherever we go.

Update: I'm on the Visit NSW website! to visit click here

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