Sunday, 21 October 2012

Kiama Seaside Markets

Just a post about today! Kiama Seaside Craft Markets is a big market with about 200 stalls. It's really a perfect place to shop for something unique and hand made. Having met several stall holders today I would say there are opportunities for amazing bargains if shoppers look carefully at the lovely products, ask questions of the stallholders and consider the costs of production involved. 
It is very humbling to meet so many talented and passionate people, and although we are all in competition to some degree, there is a fabulous and unifying sense of community. What a great experience this was for my children, and also my son's friend (who has developed quite an interest in markets) who teamed up with another young stall-holder to create and sell bead-bracelets. 
Mickey & Bruce, my knowledgable and creative friends from Camperdown, Sydney, came down to give some great advise on stall presentation. Their beautifully-behaved English Setters helped to man the stall!
It really was a fabulous day, with success measured by experiences.
I returned home to Andy, who is days away from completing his Masters in Environmental  Management, unloaded the car and checked on our chickens who were having a graze on the bush reserve at the back of our property. Our two brown hens mix uncomfortably with a neighbour's black hen who has the same freedom (but being black, seems to take on the persona of an evil lurking spy-type of hen) and I have to cajole them back into their enclosure on our land, where they have scratched away every sign of greenery. 
Blue wrens, both the blue iridescent male and the plainer brown female, flit about in the last few angular blades of sunlight. A neighbour has a fire going on the reserve. Like a campfire with the residents otherwise engaged, it crackles on unattended in the late afternoon. A scrub wren leaps from ground level to the tops of grasses, to feed in an overgrown area gone to seed. 
I reflect on the beauty and peace of this place and the happiness it brings me. I guess it wouldn't suit everyone to live here, but for me there is a great satisfaction in having found this unspoilt place to call home. :-)
Love Birds! This pair have found a new home.

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