Monday, 29 October 2012

Lady Denman Markets, Huskisson, Saturday Nov 3

Working on some more A5 bird watercolours
Hand cut paper ornaments to go on Christmas cards
I'll be setting up at Lady Denman Markets this Saturday morning, in the centre garden.

A couple of people have asked me about Christmas cards, and i'm quite excited about this range I've designed which feature a hand-cut paper-cut ornament. The ornament will be suspended on the front of the card, and also be removable to hang on the tree or in a window. If you've never seen hand paper-cut artworks, please come along and have a look as they are very lovely and lace-like, delicate but not too fragile, and delightfully tactile. 

I've also been working on some more A5 watercolours of local bird species. All the birds around here are building nests and stealing coconut fibre from our hanging baskets and flying about with bits and pieces in their beaks.

Andy brought me home a new nest he found on the ground in Sussex Inlet. This one much bigger than the honeyeater nest, similarly messy with grasses lining the inside and strips of bark on the outside. I'd love to know what species of bird it belonged to.

Also we had a (perhaps slightly deranged) bandicoot wandering about our yard the other day. Our dog spotted it and chased it - it's not often we get to see bandicoots in broad daylight. It was the size of a small rabbit but looked a lot like a big rat with it's curved back, long tail and pointy nose. Usually we just see little divots in the lawn in the morning, evidence of bandicoots night-time food-hunting.

Anyhow, do come along if it's a sunny morning on Saturday. The gardens at the Lady Denman Complex are quite lovely, there's a boardwalk through the mangrove where you can see the crabs going about their business, and the pond has enormous flathead fish which you can feed.

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