Sunday, 7 October 2012


Illustration Friday submission for the theme 'mirror'. This reminds me of a joke, something about how you can tell when your sister has been driving your car - when you look in the rear vision mirror and see your own reflection. 

I never fully trust the r.v. mirror and always twist around to check if there's any passers-by or kangaroos in the driveway before reversing out. But then when I'm a passenger and I want to see the car behind me, I still look up/left for the mirror and of course it's never in the spot it's meant to be. 

Mirrors are really handy for checking if your artwork is lopsided. Some issues of symmetry which may not be apparent right way round can suddenly be obvious when viewing the mirror reflection. This piece has a couple of symmetry issues but I think it still has enough impact to make it work.


  1. very striking, beautifully done

  2. Beautifully painted! And just a little unnerving. :)