Thursday, 11 October 2012

Seasonal Shells?

Shell family - Watercolour on A5 Arches
At the beach the other day I suddenly noticed a type of shell I don't remember seeing before. And not just one but lots of them. They're kind of flattish like an abalone shell but without the holes. Certainly Lily didn't collect any of this kind in her little bag when she was here in July. Although I'm not an expert on shells I have been an interested observer from the time I holidayed on South Mole Island as a kid and learned that cowrie shells were once used as money. These days I prefer to leave shells on the beach, but back then I thought of them as found treasure and kept the shiniest to take home.

I have a small collection gathered from travels all over the world in a little shadow box on the wall. Andy has some beautiful shells from Cape York, and various diving and snorkelling adventures and they form part of the wonderful clutter of nature bits and pieces scattered around our house.

Back to these shells though, I'm wondering if they're seasonal? I was so busy checking the sand for them that I didn't notice the dolphins playing just metres away. So much going on in the water and we land-folk just get a few hints washed up on the shore. There was some very beautiful seaweeds, too, so i'll have to take the sketchbook next time.

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