Friday, 23 November 2012

More Gumleaves

Just some process pictures of a gum leaf painting on A4 size Arches smooth 185gsm. 
To begin I select a nice mix of leaves and lay them out. At this point if I take a photo I ask myself why I bother to paint - the leaves themselves are so interesting and vibrant there is nothing I can add. But moving forward regardless, I sketch out the shapes lightly with pencil. I work rather randomly depending what colours i have already on my palette, but generally trying to match the main colour of each leaf, wetting the section, dropping pigment in and adding soft details before the section dries. Then adding sharper details once the section is dry, and finally all the darkest little tips, stalks and marks. Very last I add a few light shadows to make the leaves look like they're actually sitting on the paper.

This painting is available on the weekend for $70 at JindyAndy Mill Christmas Market on Saturday (Nov23), and Pyree on Sunday (Nov 24).

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