Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Products

Adding stripes to the cuckoo

Painting the kingfisher
I had some make-up mirrors printed with a Rose Robin for the Artisan Market this weekend - they are looking very sweet! 

Also here are some new pieces - the Gumleaves is big - a little too big for my scanner, and the rest are on A5 Arches Watercolour medium surface - 300 gsm.
They'll be mounted up ready to go for saturday morning.

This morning before school, my son and I saw a cormorant swimming in a little creek not 2 metres from us. The water was so clear we could see him perfectly beneath the surface, fishing like a seal.

Yesterday in the dunes at Nelsons Beach an echidna came crashing through the bush and we were able to watch him for ages as he travelled adjacent to the track. When the dog got interested he just stopped still and curled up, and we moved on, thinking how effective his defences were that he seemed to need no stealth!

It is really a treat to see wildlife so close to people and so freely enjoying their unspoilt natural habitat.
Tiny Makeup Mirror with print of Rose Robin $10 ea
Gumleaves - mounted size 350 x 300mm $70

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo A5 Mounted on A4 $40

Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike A5 mounted on A4 $40

Scarlet Honeyeater A5 mounted on A4 $40

Azure Kingfisher A5 mounted on A4 $40

Magpie portrait A5 mounted on A4 $40

Gumleaves detail

Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike detail

Scarlet Honeyeater detail

Azure Kingfisher detail

Magpie portrait detail

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