Friday, 2 November 2012

Shoalhaven Artisans Market 10th November

Next Saturday is the Artisans Market in Nowra again, the month has gone very quickly! Today Andy and I were set up at the Lady Denman markets and although the weather started out a bit dreary, it fined up and there was a great atmosphere and lots of out of town visitors. 

This week I framed quite a few paintings up - a set of 3 New Holland Honeyeaters - I think I'll do  few more of these sets featuring one species of bird, this was a suggestion of my friend Mickey. Thanks Mickey!

Also a fantail in a plain white frame, a White Cheeked Honeyeater in a fancy white frame, and a nest in a brown frame. I found a set of four green lime-washed frames which work nicely with botanicals as they have similar tones.

Two new paper-cuts - cut from a single sheet of white paper and framed in white. These are sandwiched between two sheets of glass, so it is possible to see through them, to the shadow they cast. I so love paper-cuts!

And lastly, the christmas cards with paper-cut ornaments strung on silver thread. They are looking very nice in their cello bags.

New Holland honeyeater 3 x A6 framed 415 x 210mm $80

Rufous Fantail A5 framed 190 x 245mm $45

White Cheeked Honeyeater A5 framed 230 x 280mm $50

Honeyeaters Nest A5 framed 245 x 335mm $50
4 botanical watercolours each on A5 and framed 250 x 305mm -
Coastal Banksia, Banksia Serrata Leaf, Wattle pod, and Spotted Leaf
$50 each

'Tea' Paper-cut framed 295 x 245mm $50
Big Dreams Paper-cut framed 210 x 160mm $30
Paper-cut Ornament Christmas cards $8

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