Saturday, 29 December 2012

Millhouse Gallery Sale

I sold a painting this week at the Millhouse Gallery in Milton and was asked to provide an additional painting. The painting sold was a Male Blue wren, leaving the female alone without a mate! So on my daughter's suggestion I painted another Male Blue Wren.
Male Wren on Post

New Products - Next Market

My next market is the Lady Denman Produce Markets on Saturday 5th January. If you're in the area come along, and have a look at the Randall Sinnamon exhibition in the gallery inside. Huskisson is alive with holiday-makers at this time of year which is just wonderful. 

After Christmas I was inspired to make something that communicated the texture and colours of the coast. I wanted to combine the feel of sun-bleached driftwood and the soothing tones of the beach, and also the naive charm of some patchwork and textile art that I've seen. It all sounds rather lofty and ambitious but I've made up a few buntings with just that feel and I think they'd add a very festive freshness, life and charm to a cracked paint background!
Rose Robin $40

'Castaway' Coastal Bunting $30
Patchwork flags with frayed edges, hessian edging, coastal palette.
9 flags, approx 2m total length, looped ends


 These are some commissions I worked on before Christmas.
Portrait on A4 - $70
Portrait progress photo

Pet Portrait on A5 - $40

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tomerong Markets 15th December 2012

You can find me at Tomerong Markets tomorrow morning if you're looking for some birdy presents. 

Here are some scans of new bird watercolours, as well as a bigger gum leaf painting, and some photos of more salt dough hanging birds. I do love the salt dough, it is so natural and harmless. I tried painting some of the little salt-dough birds in bright colours, but much preferred them in their natural colour, with a little brown... these ones just remind me of having a peaceful cup of coffee while sitting quietly and watching the birds, and I dubbed them "mocha" as I painted all their little faces and tails.

I've also been working on some commissions this week. Portraits, birds and pets! These are all to be gifts so I can't say too much. :-)
Gum leaves A4 $70

Galah A5 mounted to A4 $40

Brown Goshawk A5 mounted to A4 $40

Eastern Spinebill A5 mounted to A4 $40

Superb Blue Wren A5 mounted to A4 $40

Superb Blue Wren A5 mounted to A4 $40

Mocha Hanging Birds $15
Brightly Coloured Hanging Birds $15

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bird House Collages

3 collages, 4 x 6,
printed paper and black ink
$25 ea
A new set of collages centred around the idea of finding a home. The first one has a little bird seeing what it feels like to be inside, the second has a little bit of a garden, and the third is made from the printed insides of envelopes.

Andy made a bird box much like these, to install on a huge tree at the back or our house. The tree was cut years ago but the stump is still maybe 4-6m tall, so a perfect spot to provide a nesting site. Attempts to install it though, on a teetering, rickety ladder, on unstable ground, holding a heavy bird box, drilling in to hard timber... I did catch on video until it got serious. Luckily no ambulance was needed, just a bandage, but the bird box lingers in the garage.

I think the loveliest thing Andy has done for the birds at our house, is make a little shallow bird bath, positioned perfectly for me to see while i'm at my desk. It gets very regular use by finches, wrens, spinebills, fantails, robins, and we even watched a male tree-creeper reversing in awkwardly. This little puddle has transformed that section of the garden, which was a shaded, dead-looking bit, into a little oasis full of life, and is about 2m from my chair!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Printed Greeting Cards

Printed Cards A5 with C6 white envelope - blank inside
$3 ea or set of 6 for $15
I finally had some cards printed, very simple, on 210gsm white flat. The colours have come up very vibrant and the detail is good. Eventually I'd love to find someone who can print on a nice watercolour stock, but for now these are neat and affordable.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Patricia's Birds

Patricia's Decorative Birds $5ea
These beautiful sophisticated birds were gifted to my stall by a very skilled seamstress. A quilt-maker and occupational therapist, you can feel the love that has gone in to these, and it is almost impossible to see their tiny post-stuffing stitches. Made from printed fabric, acrylic stuffing, and satin ribbon they make unique christmas tree decorations. I think they'd also be great in a child's room or hanging on a handle in just the right spot.

Monday, 3 December 2012

December 2012

I'm hoping to have at least one more market day before Christmas. Perhaps Pyree or the Twilight Markets at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. I'll confirm next week.

I saw a wonderful nest in the Minnamurra rainforest on the weekend, it looked like a clump of roots hanging off a branch, but looking closer had some string and other things woven in. Teardrop-shaped with a side entrance, I have no idea how these things would be constructed, apparently by a Yello-Throated Scrub Wren if the bird-book has been our friend.
I found this quote which only fuels my curiosity about nests all the more:

'I can bear testimony to that part of Gould's statement which says that the pear-shaped, perpendicular, mossy nests are exceedingly attractive when observed hanging in the humid scrub. But the Sericornis does not construct its home within the mossy masses, but rather gathers the moss and masses it into a wonderful and beautiful nest, which is hung out in the "corridors" of the scrub, as if to attract the attention of passers by, or perhaps, more correctly speaking, made to assimilate the pendulous mossy ornaments of the forest in order to put the birds; natural enemies "off the scent." ' - A.J. Campbell 
Mini Christmas Bunting - flags are about 14 x 10cm
each bunting has 9 flags and total length is around 1.5m
$15 ea

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wasp Galls

Gum leaves and Wasp Galls - A4 watercolour - $70
I find these very round lumps on the gum leaves fascinating. Apparently they are caused by a wasp which lays its eggs in the leaf. It is not clear how exactly the gall is formed, but it creates a safe place for the wasp to develop while it is vulnerable. I assume at some point the wasp emerges, as I have seen galls which appear to have burst open, and plainly there are several tunnels visible inside the exploded gall. I have a collection of these leaves on my sideboard...maybe i should put them outside!?!