Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bird House Collages

3 collages, 4 x 6,
printed paper and black ink
$25 ea
A new set of collages centred around the idea of finding a home. The first one has a little bird seeing what it feels like to be inside, the second has a little bit of a garden, and the third is made from the printed insides of envelopes.

Andy made a bird box much like these, to install on a huge tree at the back or our house. The tree was cut years ago but the stump is still maybe 4-6m tall, so a perfect spot to provide a nesting site. Attempts to install it though, on a teetering, rickety ladder, on unstable ground, holding a heavy bird box, drilling in to hard timber... I did catch on video until it got serious. Luckily no ambulance was needed, just a bandage, but the bird box lingers in the garage.

I think the loveliest thing Andy has done for the birds at our house, is make a little shallow bird bath, positioned perfectly for me to see while i'm at my desk. It gets very regular use by finches, wrens, spinebills, fantails, robins, and we even watched a male tree-creeper reversing in awkwardly. This little puddle has transformed that section of the garden, which was a shaded, dead-looking bit, into a little oasis full of life, and is about 2m from my chair!

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