Monday, 3 December 2012

December 2012

I'm hoping to have at least one more market day before Christmas. Perhaps Pyree or the Twilight Markets at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. I'll confirm next week.

I saw a wonderful nest in the Minnamurra rainforest on the weekend, it looked like a clump of roots hanging off a branch, but looking closer had some string and other things woven in. Teardrop-shaped with a side entrance, I have no idea how these things would be constructed, apparently by a Yello-Throated Scrub Wren if the bird-book has been our friend.
I found this quote which only fuels my curiosity about nests all the more:

'I can bear testimony to that part of Gould's statement which says that the pear-shaped, perpendicular, mossy nests are exceedingly attractive when observed hanging in the humid scrub. But the Sericornis does not construct its home within the mossy masses, but rather gathers the moss and masses it into a wonderful and beautiful nest, which is hung out in the "corridors" of the scrub, as if to attract the attention of passers by, or perhaps, more correctly speaking, made to assimilate the pendulous mossy ornaments of the forest in order to put the birds; natural enemies "off the scent." ' - A.J. Campbell 
Mini Christmas Bunting - flags are about 14 x 10cm
each bunting has 9 flags and total length is around 1.5m
$15 ea

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