Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tomerong Markets 15th December 2012

You can find me at Tomerong Markets tomorrow morning if you're looking for some birdy presents. 

Here are some scans of new bird watercolours, as well as a bigger gum leaf painting, and some photos of more salt dough hanging birds. I do love the salt dough, it is so natural and harmless. I tried painting some of the little salt-dough birds in bright colours, but much preferred them in their natural colour, with a little brown... these ones just remind me of having a peaceful cup of coffee while sitting quietly and watching the birds, and I dubbed them "mocha" as I painted all their little faces and tails.

I've also been working on some commissions this week. Portraits, birds and pets! These are all to be gifts so I can't say too much. :-)
Gum leaves A4 $70

Galah A5 mounted to A4 $40

Brown Goshawk A5 mounted to A4 $40

Eastern Spinebill A5 mounted to A4 $40

Superb Blue Wren A5 mounted to A4 $40

Superb Blue Wren A5 mounted to A4 $40

Mocha Hanging Birds $15
Brightly Coloured Hanging Birds $15

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