Monday, 28 January 2013

Lady Denman Produce Markets Saturday 2 February

Some new products for Lady Denman this Saturday. A wooden box from my garage turned out to be a useful display so it's part of my market gear now, it looks so lovely with pebbles and driftwood and coastal colours. Apparently it has quite a history with my partner Andy, so it's journey continues!
I've had the best summer holidays, filling the house with my crafting mess, enjoying having the kids home, all of us sitting up 'til late and going to the beach most days. It all ends very soon with school and TAFE and such routine-imposing activities.
I've been exploring knotless netting and also rediscovered crochet, digging out my primary school crochet hook to embellish some river pebbles. I've had a couple on display at my stand, some experiments,  but I will have a few ready for sale by this weekend. 
Another tea-stained notebook! 
I was inspired by a documentary about a 500 year old portrait drawing which is now thought to be the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. The docco had an artist recreating the piece using materials from the time, and it was so beautiful to see the white chalk going on to the mid-tone vellum, creating the soft skin tones of the girl. I'm thinking tea-stained paper would make a great mid-tone, or possibly even brown paper bags (a customer told me about an artist who produces work entirely on brown paper bags), so I'm hoping to explore this idea in coming weeks.
Pebble Hearts - Wire, Chicken Mesh and decorative pebbles
with a cotton twine hanger $10

Crochet Covered River Stones $8

Tea-stained paper A6 notebook, deckle edge,
handmade endpapers, coastal fabric cover,
coptic bound in natural cotton twine $15 

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