Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Markets Saturday 5th Jan - Lady Denman Produce Markets

I've been sewing some covers for art journals to hold drawing gear together so it's easy to just grab and throw in the bag. Drawing is best practiced often, and A5 sketch books are a perfect take-anywhere size. There's a pocket to hold a pencil and sharpener and the covers button up to protect journal pages. 
The covers are made from op-shop fabrics and accessories, and I'm stuck on this coastal colour palette and quirky applique.
The kit comes with a good quality 2B pencil and metal sharpener.
Art journels are great for jotting down ideas, working out patterns, creating visuals of designs, sketching observations, clarifying concepts, making plans, or recording nice moments, and when finished can be an interesting and intricate record and a great resource. 
Drawing Kit - A5 Art Journal,
2B Staedtler Pencil, and Sharpener $25

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