Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mollymook Beach Market Saturday 26 Jan

This Saturday is the Mollymook Beach Australia Day Market. I haven't even been to Mollymook before so this will be all new. I've used the excuse of approaching Valentines Day to make some new products with a 'heart' theme. 

Wire heart earrings which came together nicely once I worked out the hanging bit at the top, and embellished with some red beads I found in spotlight. 
The fabric hearts on cards have gently fraying edges. My favourites are the coastal colours, but the red ones are more valentinesy.
The paper heart garlands and wire bookmarks are packaged up neatly so they can be given as nice little gifts. The garland hearts are a folk-ish shape and strung with a needle on to cotton yarn. Hand-cut from scrapbooking card, they have a pattern on the reverse side. The bookmarks are made from wire flattened out with a hammer, which gives them a bit of an antiquated look, and random thicks and thins which are quite charming.

Also experimented with some paper earrings, though I'm not sure I'll do these again as they are quite fiddly and there are already so many jewellery sellers at most markets. These ones are made from 2 layers of tissue paper glued together, cut into small disks and then finished with 2 coats of clear varnish. They're quite sturdy but fine enough to have  shell-like translucency to them, and a love the nice natural colours.

Some more tea-stained notebooks, a bit more fancy this time. I love the look of the stained paper and the wild edges, especially matched with a nice tailored-looking cover. I hope to make some more of these this summer.

Wire heart earrings and pendant
Bead wire with surgical steel earring hooks $20 set

Paper earrings.
Varnished paper and surgical steel earring hooks $10 pair.

Heart cards for Valentines day. Fabric hearts stitched to white card $8ea.

Tea stained paper notebook. A6 size,  fabric hardcover,
hand bound with coptic stitch in green cotton $15  

Paper heart garland, red front, patterned reverse,
8 hand-cut hearts strung on 120cm cotton cord $8ea

Heart bookmarks made from hammered wire
Simple wire hearts $4ea, hearts with red plaited tassel $6

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