Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mid -February Update

At gallery duty at the Millhouse on Sunday I learnt about a product called Liquid Pencil. Apparently it has been around for years and have managed to miss hearing about it. For anyone who has been under the same rock, it's graphite in a liquid form which is available in permanent or erasable, and several different colours. I've been experimenting with a permanent blue. I've used it in the piece shown here, which has a tea-stained background, and also white ink and watercolours. It's still in progress... this is how it's been cast aside to make room for family meals and everyday things.

Here's another crocheted rock. I honestly don't know how anyone could not love these. Sigh.

Also my orders of earring hooks and lovely bird charms and beads has been trickling in and I'm very excited for when I finally get time to make things again. No markets for me till Easter I'm thinking. I also learnt about crafting with fish scales and fish leather, from a lovely gallery customer, so as usual I have more ideas and inspiration than I can handle at the moment.

I hope everyone has a very nice Valentines Day tomorrow.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Millhouse Gallery, Milton

The markets at Lady Denman were a bit of a washout yesterday. Such a contrast to last weekend at Mollymook where I received a fantastic response and came home on a high. Yesterday after I dried out all my stock and marquee, I packed everything away and decided to have a break from markets for a while. I still have plenty of stock, so if anyone is wanting to anything, please feel free to contact me.

I've just ordered a bunch of lovely things like bird beads and pendants and jewellery bits like earring hooks and beading wire to make some more nests - the new ones will have white eggs. So it will be hard to stay away from making things once the order arrives. I feel like waiting by the letterbox like Spongebob Squarepants.

Today I have gallery duty at the Millhouse in Milton. I have several paintings hanging there including this one below. This is my daughter and her friend bathing in the river at the Peat's Ridge Festival. Anyone who has been to that event knows the wonderful, relaxed, community atmosphere and simple carefree lifestyle that four days offers. The Millhouse Summer season ends at the end of February, all the unsold paintings will go home and a new collection will go up. There is also a special Easter exhibition in the Ulladulla Civic Centre which offers prizes and attracts some great work I'm told.

Slightly off-topic, a weird story. We found a dead Rosella in our garden, and because I draw and paint birds, I took the opportunity to photograph the feathers while I could get a good, close look. (I also have several small birds in the freezer - but that's another story). My partner makes flies for fly fishing, so he has a strange collection of fluff and feathers, and he decided to keep the wings and dry them out in our garage. I also have some fittings for making feather earrings and thought rosella feathers would be perfect! Anyhow, now it seems the wings have disappeared, perhaps taken by a rat? 

'Peat's River' Watercolour 27 x 32cm

The wing of a Crimson Rosella

Friday, 1 February 2013

Drawing on Brown Paper Bags

I love brown paper, I used to make potato stamps and print my own wrapping paper at Christmas. I love it's natural colour, and fibrous texture.
This was a bit of an experiment, a drawing on a brown lunch bag. I'm not sure if this is something worth exploring, I wonder about the archival properties of brown paper. And yet there's something quirky and satisfying about bringing a mundane brown bag to life. 
I'm also thinking these brown bags would make a neat little notebook, bound up nicely.
Charcoal Pencil and White Conte
on brown paper bag