Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mid -February Update

At gallery duty at the Millhouse on Sunday I learnt about a product called Liquid Pencil. Apparently it has been around for years and have managed to miss hearing about it. For anyone who has been under the same rock, it's graphite in a liquid form which is available in permanent or erasable, and several different colours. I've been experimenting with a permanent blue. I've used it in the piece shown here, which has a tea-stained background, and also white ink and watercolours. It's still in progress... this is how it's been cast aside to make room for family meals and everyday things.

Here's another crocheted rock. I honestly don't know how anyone could not love these. Sigh.

Also my orders of earring hooks and lovely bird charms and beads has been trickling in and I'm very excited for when I finally get time to make things again. No markets for me till Easter I'm thinking. I also learnt about crafting with fish scales and fish leather, from a lovely gallery customer, so as usual I have more ideas and inspiration than I can handle at the moment.

I hope everyone has a very nice Valentines Day tomorrow.

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