Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Recent Projects

Just some recent creations and experiments. 
An antlered girl that willed itself into existence ...for reasons unknown antlers have been on my mind. 

Watercolour 20 x 25 cm
A miniature girl with a bird, mostly pencil, this is part of a series of miniatures for an exhibition. 

Pencil & Watercolour 10 x 14cm
Some sketches from the life drawing class at Huskisson - it's such good practice for seeing light and shadow and perspective, and trying different materials. 

Life drawing... quick sketches

Life drawing - 20 minute poses
A little experiment with printing from plates cut from cardboard and coated with acrylic gel medium. The plates appeal to me more than the prints, but perhaps it's because of the black ink? I will have to experiment with more colours. 

Collagraph experiment
 And lastly rust prints, which are made by leaving metal objects to rust gently on wet watercolour paper.
With full-time study I have missed all the bird action in the garden over the last few months, but I believe there is a lot less bathing going on than there was in the spring and summer. The bright blue male wrens are nowhere to be found. When I commented to a customer at Lady Denman markets, she suggest that the males change gender! But a little bit of internet research revealed that the males only colour up between September and March, and after the breeding season they moult into "eclipse" plumage. Actually both genders of the superb fairywren moult.
Rust prints on watercolour paper

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