Monday, 24 June 2013

Winter Magic

June 21 was a double celebration: the shortest day of the year, and the end of my course, so not only are the daylight hours getting longer now - but I also have time to spend painting and crafting again. 

This rainy week I started a series of botanical and zoological pieces 20 x 25cm. Inspired by rust prints and vintage botanicals, pencil and watercolour on tea-stained paper .

Got the crochet hook out again and made some more covers for stones. I'm itching to make more once I find the right stones for the job. 

A bag of nest-looking material I found at the beach in the summer, at last became nests for little salt-dough eggs. This is my first real attempt at nest building, which I have wanted to try for some time. The trick is to spiral the material around in a circle to form a base the approximate nest size, then all the bits hanging out around the edges get folded to the inside and across the base to form a floor. Then a couple of blobs of hot glue pressed down with a wet finger can hold the whole structure together.
Sometimes at the markets Em & I help kids make pom poms, and a lot of the time we just make heaps ourselves. So I came up with this idea for using delicious combinations of pom pom colours, and joined them to a crocheted chain. The chain gives the whole garland a jolly bounce and they really are very pretty strung around the place. 

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