Thursday, 15 August 2013

The last days of winter...

These last days of winter are hope and plans and potential. My community care roster is filling up and I buzz around the local area like trainee bee with my id badge jingling, making a very satisfying - if bumbling - hands-on difference in my community. Additionally I support a few businesses by creating artwork and helping define their public image. This work often means long stints at the workstation, suspended in the cold quiet of nights and early mornings, grumbling as I enter and emerging with elation. And then there are the times of making things...

Mock weaver bird nest made from cotton
twine and acrylic yarn.

Production line of nests resting on the Nowra News 

Tissue paper and wire earrings

Salt-dough eggs - lovingly hand-moulded but baked a little too hot


Lavender-filled fish with button-eyes

Soft birds from recycled denim & recycled fancy jam-jar tops.
The doily they're standing on has been dyed with tea.

Hand-made galvanised wire egg-basket.
*not guaranteed to hold extra small eggs

Tealight lanterns made from jars. 'Antiqued' with Elmer's glue
and food colouring, embellished with beads, ribbon and shells.

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