Sunday, 8 September 2013


Finally the collection of driftwood on my front porch has been put to good use and made some decorative and useful items. The mirror with the driftwood frame was an op-shop find that has new, grander life. I've really developed a "thing" for salvaging and repurposing, and the faded colours and textures of items that have been around for a long time and show their wear. I started out rummaging garage sales and charity shops for unique materials, fabrics, wool, buttons and such, but have also found things too lovely to alter. So the stall at Huskisson will have a combination of both, come and have a look when the doors open next week (14th September)    :-)
Driftwood hanging decoration with salvaged beads and
recycled bed-slat heart.

Driftwood-framed mirror

Watercolour of seaweed

Salvaged hand-made tool box embellished with ocean maps

Just a collection of pretty things! Antique crockery, herb trivet,
old tin, forties and fifties books