Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Juggling November

I asked my partner Andy to bring juggling sticks to the shop for the opening celebrations on the long weekend in October. He made a batch of them a couple of years ago to take to the Pete's Ridge festival. They have bright colours spiralling along them and are made from repurposed bike tyres and wooden dowel. Juggling sticks are a great activity for kids since it is relatively easy to begin and just challenging enough to keep them at it. Andy has made up some new sets which I have for sale in Huskisson now for $25.

I've been juggling my time at the shop, community care, teaching ethics, graphic design, crafting, family, friends, rosters, finances... not so elegantly at times. The goal is to work hard now and reap the rewards later - right?

Some cleansing rain early this week brought a new frog to our pond with a regular "clack" to sing along with the current frog who sings a collection of clatters like marbles hitting each other. Some blackbirds have taken up in our yard, scratching around like hens in the mulch. The gums are all shedding their bark and flakes of it are scattered everywhere in the winds we've been having. 
The vegie garden is exploding with onion flowers and rangy rocket blossoms and bolting lettuces. The yellow flowers all along Wool road are beginning to blossom again - they made me smile last year!

Here are some pictures of new shop items - firstly, I made a stamp to brand my paper bags. Very happily, this bird can hold items in it's beak, such as this leaf. But it makes me very happy to know he can also hold holly for christmas, flowers and even worms. A bit of fun!

Some more nautical tealight lanterns. Knotted with jute twine, they have a wire handle and are made from repurposed glass jars of course. One of these has sold already.

 Some more paper-cut art. The quote "to see birds, one must become part of the silence" in a pretty script font adorned with birds. I've made this before, but rearranged the words a little to fit better in A4. Hand cut with a pointy little knife this takes ages to cut - but the result is very lacy and delicate-looking.

And some more decorative doily dangler things - made from a row of 4 doilies stitched into repurposed bangles and strung together with repurposed trivet beads - these ones have been dyed with fruit tea (pink) and black tea (brown)

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