Friday, 29 November 2013

Nearly Summer

Although it's summer in two days, today was only 17 degrees around lunchtime, it will surely knock us all around a bit when summer really hits.  
I've been hearing the seasonal, mournful call of koels, and I was reading that Nowra is about as far south as they go. Sadly, one of our hens went missing this week leaving a catastrophic spill of feathers as the only hint of her departure.  
Some new things I finished for the shop this week are a framed ampersand-shaped school of fish, cut from a fishing sticker that shows the legal sizes for each species.
Pom pom flowers on gum twigs. Very pretty and elegant looking rather like alpine flowers or dandelions. A lot of native flowers have this form I've been noticing. Most recently the bush reserve near our house is decorated with little purple pom pom flower puffs. Our garlic and spring onions are flowering too at the moment, purple pom poms on blue-green stems. So pretty!
And I've been painting some numerals in acrylics on old canvasses, painting over the top of old paint and sanding back to previous layers for lots of texture.

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