Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Finished things

This week has seen the completion of so many projects and I wanted to share some of them! The signage for Bayside Emporium went up today after Graeme and I spent Tuesday night up to our elbows in Kwik Grip, pasting the banners onto tailor-cut alupanels. Graeme has put in far more work than I on this project, but I was happy to be his humble assistant, do the artwork and brainstorm a budget solution for the stallholders.
I completed a watercolour commission which had become a struggle between me and the paper -  I used a large sheet of Fabriano paper (I think it is) and am used to the lovely way Arches paper allows the pigment to swim across the surface, or be picked up as needed. This paper holds the pigment tight and looks very dark when it's wet, making it impossible to determine the level of tint until the paint is dry - so difficult for my layering methods on skin tones, and five times over for five different faces! But I do adore the feel of this piece and hope it delivers the love and admiration intended for the recipient!

I sold an acrylic canvas at the Emporium this week, which was quite exciting! It incorporates a honeyeater and my daughter's profile, and is now out there in the big world somewhere. You can see it here.
I completed a set of wedding cake topper birds. She is calico with an organza layer and lace wings and tail, and a freshwater pearl necklace. He is black cotton with calico underside and wings, and sports a handmade top hat when he's dressed up. These are going to Sydney next weekend for a March wedding, and I have some more in the pipeline to put in the shop in Husky.

I also finished an 14m expo display design and artwork this week, with 29 fabulous images, which I hope will generate lots more business for this client  - who i have been working for since 1993 can you believe?!  
It is often good to stop and look back on what you have achieved, and remind yourself of the things you have created, first by wishing and dreaming, and then by (often hard to notice) daily steps in the right direction.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Summer Holidays

I think this is week 18 now, of the shop in Bayside Emporium. The holiday period seems especially busy in Huskisson this year with lots of visitors rolling through the doors. Business is quite different when the volume of customers is so greatly increased - more staff are needed in the store and the opportunity to replace quickly depleting handmade stock reduces significantly! I've managed by keeping up stock of pretty finds from garage sales and op shops, and Em has helped with some clever jewellery selections we've bought in. There have been some really lovely comments from customers that have totally humbled me!

We spent a few hot days travelling up north - Newcastle  & Lake Cattie - and I took my wire and pliers and created some cute earrings on the road, so to speak. Some chandeliery kind of ones and some with spirals and loops with beads dripping off of them. I should have taken photos but was in too much of a hurry to get them in the store. Andy made a clever earring stand to display them.

We've increased our chicken family with two shy little girls who Em insists are to be called Cluck and Berry. 
I bought some beautiful printed linen and stitched them into souvenir teatowels. Nice big ones too, no skimping on fabric, and I used my hand-carved stamp and some empty cereal boxes from Nicky (of From Nepal) to package them. 
Now with community care work on hold, I'm catching up on the pre-christmas design and commission to-do list while the kids languish into the end of January, punctuating the days with swims and bush walks in deafening cicada din. I do love summer!