Wednesday, 26 February 2014

End of Summer

I have a dream of building a giant stick nest from the fallen branches of spotted gums, lined with cushions, so I can climb inside and peek over the edge like a baby bird. I made this one by binding sticks together with twine. It's been living on our front porch for too long and can now gently fall apart on the tree stump out the front.

Some words painted on stones in white ink. It sticks pretty hard the white ink, even scrubbing under water only fades it, once it's dry. I finish these with a layer of varnish as well, so they should last. I love decorative lettering, painting these took me back to when I was a kid trying to imitate the fancy lettering in books. I was never happy because it would always turn out wonky-looking, but now I love that naivety! I referenced calligraphy versals and illuminated lettering, both make my heart sing - so much decoration and detail in the written word. Also looking at some images of Celtic leatherwork reminded me how much I love Celtic interlace - a project for another day.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hearts and Stones

I dug Andy's mum's old manual typewriter out of the garage, wiped it down and thought I'd have a look and see if I can get a new ribbon for it. As it turns out, the old ribbon works just fine. There's something so fresh and naive about things manually typed. Emma and I devised some silly Valentine messages inspired by those powdery candies with the trite love messages, but ours a little more twisted, or understated, or raw. 

I've also been painting on some river stones that i collected a while ago. Not exactly sure what to make with them when they're naturally so beautiful, after researching drawings of lace and crochet I've started with some simple designs in white ink. Along the way I discovered the amazing work of Marian Bantjes and watched her inspiring TED talk. Highly recommended!
Met the wonderful Luis this week in the shop, with his inspirational traditional leather craftsmanship and grand-parenting, and a gift of amazing Yerba Mate tea.

I'm not sure if you saw the display Graeme put together for Bayside Emporium, but it includes my paper heart garland. You can see a photo here.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I spent mine learning horse handling :-) !!!

Sunday, 2 February 2014


The Hobie World's are on in Huskisson at the moment so we have international visitors coming through the shop - it's fantastic! 
I've added a hat stand to hold some beautiful cotton, silk and wool scarves hand-picked by my study buddy Martin, in Thailand - and also a card stand, so I've had to stoke up my card production. With St Valentine's Day on the way, a lot of the cards are heart-focussed, but there are some paper buntings, fabric-sewn, magazine image transfer, magazine collage and doodle-style ones.
I took the camera in to shoot some of the earrings I've been making lately, and the budget signage I designed which is finally up -  thanks to the lovely Graeme, of Jay on the Bay.
I also shot some little corners of Pebbles and Pods, always changing, but always a little over-cluttered with pretty things.
At home we identified shrill pea-whistle calls from the bush as that of powerful owl chicks. In the torchlight the things look way too big and powerful to be babies, and I fear for our little mini-hens who perch at night under the lid of the compost bin, because our big mean hen pecks them if they go into the hen house. They'd make a tasty meal for one of these owls. Andy says the Powerful owls are quite rare, and that they eat possums, nipping the fluffy tails clean off.
Last Saturday I went to Lady Denman Markets to meet Miss Bowerbird who are kindred spirits, transporting their wares in a duck-egg blue retro caravan - so pretty!