Sunday, 2 February 2014


The Hobie World's are on in Huskisson at the moment so we have international visitors coming through the shop - it's fantastic! 
I've added a hat stand to hold some beautiful cotton, silk and wool scarves hand-picked by my study buddy Martin, in Thailand - and also a card stand, so I've had to stoke up my card production. With St Valentine's Day on the way, a lot of the cards are heart-focussed, but there are some paper buntings, fabric-sewn, magazine image transfer, magazine collage and doodle-style ones.
I took the camera in to shoot some of the earrings I've been making lately, and the budget signage I designed which is finally up -  thanks to the lovely Graeme, of Jay on the Bay.
I also shot some little corners of Pebbles and Pods, always changing, but always a little over-cluttered with pretty things.
At home we identified shrill pea-whistle calls from the bush as that of powerful owl chicks. In the torchlight the things look way too big and powerful to be babies, and I fear for our little mini-hens who perch at night under the lid of the compost bin, because our big mean hen pecks them if they go into the hen house. They'd make a tasty meal for one of these owls. Andy says the Powerful owls are quite rare, and that they eat possums, nipping the fluffy tails clean off.
Last Saturday I went to Lady Denman Markets to meet Miss Bowerbird who are kindred spirits, transporting their wares in a duck-egg blue retro caravan - so pretty!

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