Wednesday, 26 February 2014

End of Summer

I have a dream of building a giant stick nest from the fallen branches of spotted gums, lined with cushions, so I can climb inside and peek over the edge like a baby bird. I made this one by binding sticks together with twine. It's been living on our front porch for too long and can now gently fall apart on the tree stump out the front.

Some words painted on stones in white ink. It sticks pretty hard the white ink, even scrubbing under water only fades it, once it's dry. I finish these with a layer of varnish as well, so they should last. I love decorative lettering, painting these took me back to when I was a kid trying to imitate the fancy lettering in books. I was never happy because it would always turn out wonky-looking, but now I love that naivety! I referenced calligraphy versals and illuminated lettering, both make my heart sing - so much decoration and detail in the written word. Also looking at some images of Celtic leatherwork reminded me how much I love Celtic interlace - a project for another day.

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