Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bunnies and Butterflies

Last week I was invited to have my products in the Shoalhaven Arts Centre in Berry Street Nowra, so I packed up a selection of things and hopefully by now they are on display, for sale in the gallery shop. I included some bunny paper cutout cards, some small grass nests with little blue salt-dough eggs, and a flock of stuffed birds with wire legs, and I'm hoping they'll feature these in the Easter newsletter :-).
Some new things I made for the Emporium this week are Butterfly Ribbons, ripped from a much loved old pair of cotton pyjamas, they are very soft blue fine cotton fabric with raw edges, and hand-stamped with sepia butterflies in archival ink. I love that the intensity of the butterflies varies and the edges of the ribbon gently fray. The lengths are 80 cm each, so just a nice amount to tie a small gift wrapped in brown paper perhaps? I also packaged up some tiny, tiny pastel pom poms as craft supplies for making easter bunnies.

I've been sewing a few more Paper Butterfly Mobiles and hanging them on my curtain rail as I go, but this morning's sunrise gave everything a pink glow and they looked extra pretty!

Some more bunny cards for the Emporium, cut from maps and vintage sheet music and spotty scrapbooking paper. And I did some teapots too, cut from pretty wrapping papers, and a few more sheet music birds. I've also ordered some printed cards from new watercolours, on the suggestion of the ladies from the Arts Centre... so I'm excited to see how they'll turn out. The printed cards just need folding, matching with envelopes, and cello bagging, so are a lot less labour-intensive than these hand-made ones.

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