Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Bunnies

Soft bunnies for Easter. Made from fabric offcuts and repurposed bits and pieces. The pink stained old flower is my favourite! Their little faces are hand embroidered and they have little bells tied around their necks and little tails at the back. They'll be available at Bayside Emporium this week. 

Chocolate Nests for Easter

I was up at around 4:30 yesterday morning making these chocolates for easter. The white chocolate eggs are moulded in two halves and then "glued" together with melted chocolate. Their nests are made from melted dark chocolate mixed with Chang's noodles and then set in little bowls lined with cling wrap. The nests with the brown eggs are dark chocolate mixed with shredded coconut. I ran out of milk chocolate for making eggs, and just used some commercial eggs to fill the coconut nests. 
The white chocolate has a very low melting point and left a bit of a smudge on the cello as I bagged them up. I'm hoping no one will touch them in the shop! lol Wanting them to look perfect!
To match the lovely earth tones of the chocolate, I tea-stained some cardboard and dried it with a hairdryer and an iron before putting it through the printer to print the labels, and then gave them a torn edge, them rather than cutting, and finished them with a little piece of lace ribbon.
Thanks to my amazing ex-mother-in-law Jackie for showing me how make chocolate nests years ago. xo

Repurposed T-Shirt Headbands

For a while I've wanted to try making yarn out of old t-shirts and maybe crocheting a rag rug or something. Then my partner tossed out a bunch of t-shirts and I was inspired by the lovely combination of coastal colours, and after a bit of experimenting, made these headbands by finger knitting! I love the cottony weight and texture, and the little bit of raggy-ness.

Making t-shirts into yarn is quick and easy, and there is a good tutorial here. My t-shirts had quite large designs on the front, and the tutorial suggested not using that part of the t-shirt, but I thought that was a bit wasteful and used it anyway. The colours worked in well and the fabric tends to curl toward the design anyhow so it is not very apparent in the yarn.

I did try crochet but my big 4mm hook wasn't big enough, so I tried finger knitting and loved the easy no-tools method and quick results. There is a good tutorial here.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014