Sunday, 13 April 2014

Repurposed T-Shirt Headbands

For a while I've wanted to try making yarn out of old t-shirts and maybe crocheting a rag rug or something. Then my partner tossed out a bunch of t-shirts and I was inspired by the lovely combination of coastal colours, and after a bit of experimenting, made these headbands by finger knitting! I love the cottony weight and texture, and the little bit of raggy-ness.

Making t-shirts into yarn is quick and easy, and there is a good tutorial here. My t-shirts had quite large designs on the front, and the tutorial suggested not using that part of the t-shirt, but I thought that was a bit wasteful and used it anyway. The colours worked in well and the fabric tends to curl toward the design anyhow so it is not very apparent in the yarn.

I did try crochet but my big 4mm hook wasn't big enough, so I tried finger knitting and loved the easy no-tools method and quick results. There is a good tutorial here.

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