Sunday, 25 May 2014

Art in the Park, Huskisson

Thanks to From Nepal I was invited to participate in the SeeChange festival's Art in the Park. It's a little bit of a dream come true for me to be at an event like this, and the culmination of some very busy months of working/making/stressing. And what a beautiful event! We were positioned right in front of the stage which featured open mic performances by fabulous local artists, the weather couldn't have been nicer, the customers were so sweet and positive, and there were some really interesting and interactive stalls. My daughter came along to help despite her half-yearlies starting on Monday, and she was given the opportunity to play a few songs on the main street of Husky, which was a big step for her, and very sweet of Daniel, the awesome guitarist/didge player who set it up.
Thanks to the beautiful organiser Sue for making all that possible. xoxoxo

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ships and Signs and Six

Have you made a paper boat lately? They are so elegantly simple, flip and turn like little magicians and then snap themselves into form at the end with surprising ease. I made these ones for Art in the Park, they've got little quotes about boats and the sea scrawled on them and little bits of nature-y things attached. Im not even going to pretend I don't use the word "nature-y" any more.

 This is a number 6 painted on a canvas in acrylics. I left construction lines on and did some smearing for an industrial sort of look. I also have a number 3 available. 

Did you make tissue paper flowers when you were a kid? These ones are made from 3 sheets of concertina folded tissue paper about 50cm long. Then a shaped the ends with scissors, dipped them in tea, and left them to dry. I really can't imagine life without tea... Anyhow, then you just wind some wire around the middle and tease out all the layers of tissue GENTLY. Have you ever had pet mice or rats? The sound of separating the layers reminds me so much of little critters nesting, and the little finger movements required are probably fairly similar, so if you want to get in touch with your inner rodent...
How pretty they are is a real joy to me, and I chucked them in the picture when i was shooting this sign I just finished for a customer (fingers crossed, hope they like it!), and also a bunch of native grass Andy just happened to prune from the garden ("Do you want this?" he asks).

Here's the sign sitting on my kitchen breakfast bar. I'm a bit embarrassed about the chest of drawers being there. It's on the way out, but there was no other space to put it. I bought it for my daughter but the drawers jam, so I found her a better one at the tip for $5. There was a handle missing so I had to buy a handle from Bunnings for $6.20, and it matches nicely. Anyhow the old one is still hanging around and I'm thinking of transferring some kind of image or design onto it. So that's why it's still there. Sigh.
Anyhow the sign is made from old fence palings and painted in acrylic. I do pretty dodgy wood-working, so Andy is making some more sign-things for me to paint on. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I was thinking I should maybe get some more greeting cards printed for Art in the Park, and looking through my scans I found these from a little while ago. Painted for Dawn who adores the tiny Spotted Padalotes that nest around her little section of Jervis Bay, and fights passionately for the protection of their habitat. The one with the butterfly is still available in the Emporium.

Wedding Cake Birds

I've just received some beautiful photos from a wedding for which I made a pair of bride and groom birds, and wanted to share them. I'm working on some new pairs for the Emporium with the grooms in black or brown and the brides in white, calico and pale antique green. The groom's hat is crafted from black cardstock with a sharp little knife and careful glueing, the hat alone takes nearly an hour to make.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mothers Day, Portraits and See Change Art Market Huskisson

I designed and hand cut some cards for the Emporium at Huskisson last week, and sold the first one to John at Kiosk while I was getting a coffee on my way in to drop them the shop! I'm completely adoring Kiosk coffee at the moment and love they way they write the order in code on the stone counter.
My lovely artist friend Don Luck is leaving the Emporium at the end of the month so if you are looking for a beautiful local landscape in oils, now is the time to snap one up. Don has been encouraging me to advertise myself as a portrait artist. I'll get around to it, I just don't seem to have time to stop and breath at the moment. Just the same, I thought I'd post here a couple of portraits I've done recently. Abby and the bluebirds I have only just finished for a kind customer who has been waiting patiently. 
I'm doing the See Change art market on Saturday the 24th May at the white Sands Park if anyone is around, stop by and say hello. I'll be doing some kind of demonstration or workshop.
One last thing i wanted to mention was a wonderful weaving workshop I participated in with Lissa at Squid Studio in Nowra. We made reeds into string, and then stitched the string into a coil basket with waxed linen thread. Lissa has created some beautiful baskets which she exhibits, and some are available for sale in the Shoalhaven arts centre.