Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Drive

The most beautiful winter's (solstice!!) day yesterday, I had my pretty learner driver take me through the dairy lands and coastal villages of Pyree, Callala, Culburra, Greenwell Point... all the while a chest of drawers teetering over in the back and resticting the rear view. We delivered 2 signs to the boys at Jindyandy Antiques, which are now displayed in their fabulous new store there. So many beautiful old things in there, we decided the white rabbit chest, with it's poorly functioning drawers, was not a good display piece for my art-furniture. I bought some fabulous old postcards.
Then on to a new gallery in Culburra, "Rogue", where six pieces of my work are now on sale.
Then, sadly, to Callala tip where we left the White Rabbit to find itself a new home.
We finished the day at home with a fire in my new birthday brasier and cooked delicious roti on the hotplate.

A couple of other little projects this week was a wire lamp I made to light my crockery in at the shop. And a frame I embellished with a faded vintage print of native plants.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Working with Wood

This week I've been working with some  lovely old timber things, renewing their spirits and  giving them a fresh chance at life. The little key cabinet has a map in the prettiest colours, and is lined inside with old book pages. The key hooks are stamped with numbers from an old stamp set I grew up with.

A letter-holder or remote control holder in a pale blue, I matched up with maps of the antarctic.

 A tray "tiled" with those timber wedges that are supplied when you buy a canvas to paint on. I feel like I should know what to do with those things, but they've just been accumulating in a drawer, and have now found a new home.

A lovely old tray, which looks like it's had a lot of handling and use, embellished with a print of a bird-themed sheet music. I white-washed the timber to freshen it up a bit, and then gave the lot a coat of clear polyurethane finish.

Painted for a store in Nowra in the Kinghorn Traders. An inspired idea - to paint on the back of a found mirror. Instant rustic, chalk-board style signage!

After a (bad) full day on Wednesday trying to make my shop area look orderly - and manage neat stock storage - to no avail, Andy has built me a beautiful new display system which we delivered in a whirlwind today before he drove to Bulahdelah.
I've finished making a neat calico cover for the huge table, which will sit nicely with the fence paling islands, which eventually I'd like to white wash... but will remain natural aged timber for now. I'm very excited about the extra display space and (gasp!) storage underneath.
Also I've allocated myself a desk workspace and would like to hang my shingle there: graphic design, illustration, paper crafts, fine art. And actually have some work in progress happening! Trying to get a bit more of a workshop/artisan feel to my little area.
I found the cutest little old blue-painted timber chair (at the tip), which needed mending - so it's glued, clamped and strapped in the garage til Monday. So sweet, I so hope the glue holds, it's really chair-love with this one, it will be my desk-seat if all goes well.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Winter wood

Shorter days, less precious hours of natural light, icy breezes in the big Emporium roller-door, and the light is so cool now in my pictures. Weather for warm soups and various teas in pretty teapots, cake on lovely old plates, curling up with a good book. 

I found this little old trolly dumped in the bush at the back of our place and was going to repaint it - but the sanded-back blue had perfect wintery tones and I pulled pages out of one of our old books to gussy up the tray areas and then wrote "books" on the side. Signs and stencilling seems to be a theme at the moment. It looks so sweet in the shop with a little bunch of grasses sitting on it. If I had endless free hours, I would love to draw and record every kind of grass in our little bit of bush. There are so many and all quite different, with their lovely various seed heads and thickness of stem and wildness of leaves.

I made some more paper-cut pieces and framed them in comforting colours, with tea-stained backing to contrast the white. These two are quite small and detailed. 'Tea' is only 10cm across and 'big dreams' is about 15cm. They are cut from one sheet of 110 gsm cardstock with a very sharp and pointy little knife. Both are my original designs which I have created on the computer, then print out in reverse and hand-cut.

I've been making signs and embellishing some collected little timber things, somewhat prompted by complaints from Andy about how long the pile has been sitting in the way. The clutter of my various projects is a lot to bare for our little house at times. There is a wonderful tray I have "tiled" with the little timber wedges supplied with artists' canvases, and wound string around the handles; there's a little key cabinet with a map and numbers printed with stamps from my childhood. I've forgotten to photograph them and sent them into the Emporium already... I will have to bring them home and take some pictures before they sell.