Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Drive

The most beautiful winter's (solstice!!) day yesterday, I had my pretty learner driver take me through the dairy lands and coastal villages of Pyree, Callala, Culburra, Greenwell Point... all the while a chest of drawers teetering over in the back and resticting the rear view. We delivered 2 signs to the boys at Jindyandy Antiques, which are now displayed in their fabulous new store there. So many beautiful old things in there, we decided the white rabbit chest, with it's poorly functioning drawers, was not a good display piece for my art-furniture. I bought some fabulous old postcards.
Then on to a new gallery in Culburra, "Rogue", where six pieces of my work are now on sale.
Then, sadly, to Callala tip where we left the White Rabbit to find itself a new home.
We finished the day at home with a fire in my new birthday brasier and cooked delicious roti on the hotplate.

A couple of other little projects this week was a wire lamp I made to light my crockery in at the shop. And a frame I embellished with a faded vintage print of native plants.

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  1. I've been stalking you... your blog is so beautifully written and illustrated. You're clever.