Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Things at the Emporium

Ever since I saw Pauline's (of Pauline's Natural Crystals at the Bayside Emporium, Huskisson) Moon goddess charms, I have been thinking about peaceful faces, and drawing them, and looking for reference images, and thinking about how faces have been a theme in my work for many years. 
Travelling is such a luxury - to be away from the musts and shoulds, to completely mix things up so that there's no normal, and be gifted with time to process the crazy world we live in - reassess what's important, or exciting or meaningful.
Very soon after arriving home I needed to ready some new products for the Arts Centre, so I went into a crafting frenzy for a few days and some pretty random things came out of it, I'm dying to work on some more when I've cleared the mounting pile of to-dos. 
The draining heat of Cambodia has made me appreciate the brisk, clear air of Huskisson, days of infinitely-blue skies and the sun so warming. Perfect for bundling on your boots, big coats, scarves and beanies, have some coffee or soup, or a chilli con carne pie from the Husky Bakery. Go for a solid walk in the eucaliptus-scented bush or along the weed-drenched bay shoreline. Then come in to the Emporium, out of the icy wind and be inspired by all the lovely old and hand-crafted things! 

Fair trade products from our trip to Cambodia now available!

Hand-cut leaf bookmarks with bead dangles

Denim buntings made from old jeans

Recycled doily pendant necklace

Clay doily-press pendant necklace

Moon goddess face hand-sculptured &
wired with beads

Moon goddess face, hand sculptured
with feather charm

Wire pendant with glass beads, adjustable velvet choker.

Arts Centre Restock

watercolour painting

butterfly bookmarks

hand-cut watercolour feather bookmark

local pebble adjustable necklace

timber trivet bead adjustable necklace
New stock for the Nowra Arts Centre who are doing a huge makeover of their shop, doubling shelf-space, as well as a massive web page redesign which will better promote local artisans. There will be a much larger card display, which will be great, as I have around 20 different cards available and they seem to be well received.