Wednesday, 13 August 2014

So much more awaits!

So claims an email message to me from The Universe, "There'll come a day when you look back and call these your 'warm up years' ". I love the idea that a junkyard collection of everyday experiences takes some solemn order in the eyes of a fantasy future-us looking back on it all. 
But for now we stumble along...

I finished a bunch of things, which feels really good. Like cleaning my house - though it needs doing again by now - it helps with feeling on top of things. I created this deer piece on a board that's been waiting a long time and which once held the letters spelling "bat  room". The deer is all brown and earthy, and the flowers looked a little bright so i painted them over with tea, and drank a cup myself. How happily it sits on the dining room floor with my yummy bag collection, ready to head to the shop. 

Thie blackboard originally had poorly-drawn dogs  painted on it. I love the little heart-pegs and wanting to tie in birds and hearts I painted a folky design thing.

These bookends have been waiting forever in a box, in bits. Today I got my new sander onto the timber and glued the little ceramic children in place. They are way wonky and naive. Somewhat deliberately, but also because I'm just not very good at wood work.

The teddy bookend just needed a couple of coats of paint and a hit with the sander.

I finished a wardrobe for Jindyandy Antiques (this is a dodgy iPhone pic of the bottom half)

Also finished another sign for Revival Wares on MDF painted with chalkboard paint
and mounted on an old trestle.