Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wood & String

 Last year I was asked to sit with the neighbour's lovely girls for the day, and as a craft activity I showed them some little glass bottles. They were so inspired, filling them with tiny seed beads and wrapping the tops with wire or writing tiny notes on tea-stained paper and rolling them up to pop inside. I've made some more bottle necklaces for the shop, I love the sciency look of them, and the idea that anything that fits inside can become jewellery. When I was at school I had a collection of jars with creatures in metho, these days I am a little more practical but the fascination is still there.

When I was a schoolkid I went through a macrame phase and made several pot hangers, owls, and even a halter (i had a little obsession with horses). 
It seems quite difficult to find appropriate materials for macrame - cords and ropes can be quite costly and fairly large quantities are needed. So when I found some nice fat white acrylic at the op shop, I excitedly matched it up with a beautifully sun-bleached gum branch and some wooden op-shop beads for a lovely seaside wall hanging.

I strung a tatted doily on an embroidery hoop with knotless netting to make this dreamcatcher. There is a wire nest which has a brass bird searching for it.
These beautiful frames made from recycled timber are begging for some gentle, natural artworks. I've started with a deer which has been on the table unfinished for some time now. I will get them done at some stage but if they turn out very, very pretty I might have to keep them. :-)

I should mention that I no longer have a shop at JindyAndy Mill. Any remaining stock is now at Huskisson in the Bayside Emporium.