Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Making time for making...

This week I've found the 'to-do' list at a manageable level, with minimal emergencies, no double-bookings, no desperate deadlines, car breakdowns, health dramas, pet crisis'... in short, none of the things that regularly shape my (moaning now) chaotic, busy days. 
So there have been hours of blissful creating of things and experimenting with materials, and revitalising and reworking things, which has materialised in some new items for the Husky store.

 Satin cord - so many ideas, these were just a couple of experiments. I started to look at chinese knots - wow. I'd love to perfect the butterfly knot! But for now I'm working with some standard macrame knots and braids.
 Doily earrings - these ones I dip dyed. Some I tea-stained. But I thought they were a nice fresh variation on the plain doily.
 Upcycled bottles - I love the whole bottle, twine, aged label thing. Vintage images, combined with scans of old worn paper printed on some lovely beige stock. The printed image is fixed with spray matt varnish.
 More little bottle necklaces - some tiny pieces of local seaglass, a magic potion, and a paper butterfly cutout. A lovely customer already bought the potion one - an Alice in Wonderland fan like me.

A 'found' branch with birds, jewellery pendant, refashioned into a choker. I love how the clasp matches.
And a table runner made from printed linen and backed with calico. This fabric is super pretty and I've also made t-towels to match with the neatest mitered corners I'm ridiculously proud of.

I've also made a pair of twig lampshades with touchlamp bases that were an order for a regular customer. I'll photograph them to upload next time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have time to make time for making - if that's the sort of thing you like doing. :-)

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