Friday, 27 March 2015

Sticks and Sewings

I'm not much into material things. Only mostly because a fancy new thing that costs a lot, is only new and fancy for so long. But almost any thing can be defined as new if it's new to your environment or experience and can enhance your life or space or way of doing things. So maybe I AM into material things, because my whole day or life can be transformed by the way a stenciled heart combines with old denim and a bit of stitching, or a remnant of floral cotton or gingham.

 So here are 3 buntings made from my daughter's old jeans. With a beautiful weight and drape that reminds me a little bit of leather, they each have 15 triangular flags alternated on nylon cord with loops tied at the ends.
An order from a (very patient) regular customer, shown here one of two bedside lamps with the shade made of twigs. The base is a metal touch lamp, which I think is really convenient for emergency lights-on rather than hunting for switches in the dark. I say twigs here but I really think of them as sticks. I think of sticks as building blocks for so many things that I'm almost reluctant to poke them into my blazing brazier. I am very rich in sticks.

Some more sketch book covers. Or should I say 'visual diary'? I buy these little sketch books and make beautiful fabric covers from calico, remnants of vintage linen, old hand-done needlework, re-purposed cords, straps, buttons. They have pencil-pockets, and wrap shut so you can throw them in your bag for your Artists Date (aka The Artist's Way). C'mon you visual people, I know how it feels to want to record everything with a sketch or diagram! Anyway, these books are for you. And for the handy hand-crafters who toiled to make the original needle-work I've used in these - here's to your efforts! Here's to your contribution to the artisan world! I honor your efforts and hope to spread the love!! The bird design above is a vintage iron-on embroidery pattern, which I think looks very elegant in it's original blue-only form.

So I was going to wind up with something about how sticks and sewings can break my bones... or tie in to the idea of the value of material things against the value of experiences. But now I've been delayed by a discussion with my daughter who in her final year of school has managed to refine her focus and study to a very neat degree, so much more so than I at that age. And the day has grown dark and delicious and there are so many exciting possibilities for tomorrow that I leave with that tension... Happy Friday

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