Saturday, 5 March 2016

Goodbye Summer

While I love watercolour and how it has worked it's way into popular culture, I still appreciate a classic pencil drawing. These ones I started a year ago for these gorgeous rustic hand-made frames from India, and have finally got them on display.

I was very happy to work some watercolour elements into the design for the 2016 Shoalhaven Visitors Guide which reproduced really nicely on the uncoated stock.

Still loving maps and the all the colours and textures in the details and topography. I did a quick makeover on Em's bedside table the night before she moved out. Pages from a gorgeous old Atlas, Mod Podge and some new handles. My squeeky old brayer got a good workout.


 Little t-shirt yarn baskets. These are made with a big fat crochet hook and old t-shirts cut to continuous 1" strips. Would love to do a rag rug like this.